Brazil exports $1.2 billion worth of wheat, rice and other agricultural products to the US despite protests

Brazil is exporting more than $1 billion worth, according to the World Bank, despite the protests in Brazil’s largest city of Sao Paulo.

The wheat, corn and soy are being exported from Brazil’s main export hub, the capital, to the United States, where they are being used to produce feed for cattle.

The US Department of Agriculture said the exports were made possible by a new agreement with the Brazilian government to provide farmers with financial support to support their operations.

Brazil exported $1,023 million worth of agricultural products in 2016, which equates to an average of about $6.8 million per day, the USDA said in a statement.

Brazil’s agricultural exports have dropped since the protests erupted in Brazil on April 20, after a court sentenced President Dilma Rousseff to two years in jail.

Many in the country have demanded Rousseff be freed on political grounds, with some even accusing her of being linked to corruption.

However, Rousseff has denied wrongdoing and has said she would stay in office until the end of her term.

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