The ancient Egyptians were a farmers’ paradise, writes John Rolfe

Agriculture is often thought of as a man’s profession, and while it has been around for a long time, there’s still a great deal of debate about the origins of agriculture.

But the earliest farmers are actually a relatively small group of people living in Egypt who lived in a series of settlements in the region about 1,300 years ago.

Today, archaeologists have uncovered an estimated 400,000-plus farmers living in what are known as “Egmont” or “Methuselah” settlements.

The archaeological sites at Egmont are known for their pottery production, but they also include a number of ancient pottery vessels that are believed to have been used for ceremonial purposes.

Archaeologists have also found a number that are decorated with the image of a lion, which could be a symbolic representation of a male deity.

The lion is also often depicted as a lioness, which may suggest that the Egyp-based farmers were more religious than the more traditionally-named Canaanite-based people of the region.

One of the more controversial sites is the famous “Mummy’s Tomb” in Kadesh, which was built in the fourth century B.C. to honor the tomb of a deceased Egyptian king.

The site has been excavated by archaeologists in the past, and some believe that the tomb may have been a tomb for a woman who was buried in the same tomb.

The tomb has been closed since 2004.

The archaeologists working at the site say that the discovery of the tomb has uncovered a great amount of information about the ancient Egyptians and the period in which they lived.

The tombs of the kings of Egypt and the pharaohs of the era are housed in a large chamber that dates back to the third millennium B.

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