How to avoid getting pregnant and giving birth to three sisters

Three sisters from California are pregnant and planning to give birth together, and they are sharing their story with NBC News.

Ariel and Marissa Ramirez are expecting their third child and are not related.

They were inspired by their grandmothers.

They want to raise their children in the tradition of their grandmother, so they’re doing the same thing.

“We want to share our family with our sisters in Mexico,” Ariel said.

They have two brothers and two sisters and a cousin.

They’re hoping that the birth of their children will help them grow up in a more religious environment.

“When you’re in a religious environment, you’re a little more closed-off,” Ariel explained.

“When you have a family, you have family, so it’s more open.

I don’t think we’re that different from our sisters here in the United States.”

Ariel says she’s grateful for the support of her family.

“They’re like a family to us,” she said.

“And they love us and we love them and we’re all family.”

The couple’s other siblings are excited to be able to have their first child.

The couple’s cousins have been waiting for this moment for some time.

“I think it’s just an amazing opportunity for us to have a child, and hopefully, it’s going to be our own family,” Marissa said.

Marissa’s sister Maribel said she’s excited for the baby and wants to keep it a secret.

“To have three babies in three years is kind of amazing,” she explained.

Maribel said that the two of them will start getting paid at the same time as the baby is born.

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