California farmers to get a boost in 2017 after record drought

California farmers are planning to get more help in the coming year as the state recovers from the worst drought in a century.

The 2017 harvest for the state’s agricultural industry is expected to be the best since the last drought of the Great Depression.

But some farmers are worried about a slowdown in new crop arrivals, with more crops and prices set to fall.

In a statement, California Farm Bureau President Bob Johnson said the state has an opportunity to get even better this year with a boost from federal funds.

The federal crop insurance program will provide some relief to some growers in the state this year, but most are not expecting any additional help, said David Smith, a spokesman for the agriculture bureau.

“This is just a small percentage of the crop,” Smith said.

“We are hoping the crop insurance will be enough to offset the impact of drought and other factors that may affect the harvest.”

The federal Farm Bill includes $1.9 billion for crop insurance.

It also provides $500 million for drought relief to the state.

The state is expected in September to get $7.6 billion in federal crop tax credits, which have increased from $4.8 billion in 2016.

California farmers will receive a boost of $1,000 per acre for the 2017 crop, and about $1 per acre on most of the rest of the crops.

The crop insurance fund has been boosted by a federal program known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP, which allows farmers to receive aid from the federal government to help pay for grain and other commodities, including beef and pork.

The program has been a mainstay of the agriculture industry since the 1970s and has become an important source of funding for farmers in California.

California is expected this year to get an additional $5 billion in farm credit, or about $12.4 billion in total, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

The California Agriculture Commissioner’s office said the program was set up by the Farm Bill to help farmers during a time of economic distress.

The agency said the credit was approved by the U!

Congress and signed into law by Gov.

Jerry Brown.

California agriculture has been the target of repeated attacks from anti-immigrant groups and other political forces in the United States, including the Trump administration.

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