How to spot the fake corn

The farmers who have been buying corn from the US to feed their cattle, pigs and chickens have been told to buy a special shade cloth made from the same grain as corn to disguise their origins.

The new shade cloth, which is manufactured from corn with an artificial seed coating, will cost about $1,000 and can be purchased from US farmers.

The USDA says it is also available to buy at farmers markets.

Corn, like corn-based soybeans, is a staple in the US, but the growing popularity of corn has brought a wave of imitation products that claim to be the real thing.

It’s been seen as an effective tool to convince farmers that they’re growing a healthy, nutritious food.

However, many farmers say they are selling corn with a coating that they think is from the field.

They say the corn they are buying from farmers is from a fake variety that is also genetically modified.

Farmers say that the coating has been used to mask their origin.

They also say it’s being used to help boost their sales.

Agricultural workers from a Pennsylvania agricultural shade cloth company have been sent to New York to investigate corn that is being imported from the United States to feed livestock in the state.

“They’re not saying it’s from the fields,” said Agronick Hines, vice president of marketing and sales at the Pennsylvania farm.

“It’s just from the farm, and the farm has not told us that it’s not.”

The farm where farmers buy corn from US to make shade cloth.

Agronick said that when he started working with the farmers, they didn’t realize the real shade cloth they were buying came from the corn plant, which he said has been in the ground since 1852.

He said the farmers are concerned about the chemicals used in the coating and that the corn is being mixed with other grains to create a synthetic seed coating.

“It looks like corn to the consumer,” he said.

“They think it’s corn.”

Hines said the shade cloth comes in several colors and is supposed to look like a normal cotton cloth.

He said the coating is made of a thin, plastic sheet and the farmers use the plastic sheet to cover their corn.

Agro-industry officials in Pennsylvania said that while the company does not know the origin of the shade fabric, they have no reason to suspect it’s fake.

Agropress is a subsidiary of the American Farm Bureau Federation.

It manufactures and markets corn-sourced seed, cotton seed, soybean seed, and corn oil.

Hines added that the shade material is being used for shade cloth to make the coating more natural.

“I’m not trying to make corn look like corn,” he explained.

“I’m just trying to sell corn that looks like it’s real.”

Hopes of a boycottAgronic said that the company is working with several companies to identify fake corn varieties, and that it will work with farmers to ensure that they are using their own seed and that they do not use a genetically modified corn.

“We want to make sure they don’t use any other corn that they didn)t grow in the past and that we are not giving the illusion of corn growing in the fields of their backyard,” he told The Associated Press.

Agra-industries has already warned the US Department of Agriculture about the possibility of fake corn.

The US Department has warned US farmers to check their seeds, corn, and grain storage before purchasing corn or soybeans from farmers in other countries.

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