Sheaf Agriculture Committee Votes to Rescind Bill to Eliminate Crop Insurance Coverage

The House Agriculture Committee voted Wednesday to rescind the Farm Bill bill, ending a key piece of the farm bill that the House passed in May.

The Agriculture Committee passed the bill on May 23, ending the work of a committee that would have given states the option to opt out of the crop insurance mandate and the option for growers to opt-in to the mandate.

The bill would have also allowed states to waive crop insurance coverage requirements for some agricultural products, including beef, pork, and lamb.

The bill also would have extended the deadline for states to enact their own crop insurance mandates.

The House voted overwhelmingly to rescind those provisions, with the majority of Democrats and Republicans voting in favor of the bill.

“We have come to a place in our country where the federal government can no longer be trusted to guarantee the health and safety of farmers and ranchers in our nation’s agricultural heartland,” said Rep. Mark Meadows, R-North Carolina, chairman of the Agriculture Committee.

“This bill puts farmers and our farmers and their families first, and I’m proud to vote to pass this legislation to end the disastrous federal government takeover of agricultural policymaking.”

The bill passed the Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Trade Committee on May 26.

The final version of the Farm bill is expected to be unveiled on July 7.

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