How to rebuild your own pet food farm

By Simon D’Agostino, ReutersA new generation of farmers are turning to a technology that can be used to produce food from waste.

The process involves extracting and processing food from plant matter such as leaves, grass, fruit, and vegetables and then turning that waste into fertilizer, pesticides and other chemicals.

The project, called Agro-Farm, is backed by an Australian company, Blue Sky Innovations.

Its aim is to turn the waste of industrial farming into edible and sustainable food.

The startup said it has received $1.6 million from Australian seed investor First Direct and $1 million from U.S. venture capital firm First Round Capital.

Blue Sky’s chief executive, Peter Dolan, told Reuters the company has been approached by more than 1,000 Australian farmers.

“We have a really good pipeline,” he said.

“From the first time we went to Australia to look at how we could do something here, we’ve been inundated with the requests.”

The company hopes to expand into the United States and Europe.

It said the technology can be adapted to produce produce a range of organic and traditional foodstuffs, and also be used for animal feed and agriculture.

The Agro Farm project is part of a wider effort to find ways to save money on food produced.

Australia’s $10 billion food waste program is a huge problem.

Australia has a $2.5 billion food-and-waste-management plan but only about 2.5 percent of it is managed by waste management companies.

Agro-farm is working with Blue Sky to develop a solution.

“The idea is to get food from a variety of different sources,” Dolan said.

“We want to do it in a way that’s sustainable.”

Dolan said Blue Sky would also help farmers manage their waste and to help with food waste management.

Blue Smith is an Australian food company and food waste processing and packaging firm, with about 200 employees.

The company operates three facilities in Australia and two in the U.K.

It has also developed a process for making food and water from waste and has built a pilot facility in Australia.

Dolan has said Blue Smith can be applied to other food- and waste-management problems.

“They are a lot like waste processing, which is the process that takes plant matter and creates a plant,” he told Reuters.

“You need the right amount of time, the right plant material, the correct temperature and the right humidity to make the plant grow, but they can also be quite efficient at converting waste to food.”

If you are looking at waste-to-food processing and waste to agriculture, Blue Smith is the company for you.

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