US Senator Calls for Investigation into Trump Administration’s Role in Agricultural Bills

US Senator John Barrasso has called for an investigation into whether President Donald Trump’s administration is using federal subsidies to aid agricultural interests.

Mr Barrasso, who is the chairman of the Senate Agriculture Committee, made the comments in an interview with the Associated Press on Friday.

He said the subsidies were being used by the Trump administration to help support companies that grow and sell grain to American consumers.

Mr Trump has said the Agriculture Department is a “job creator” and “economic stimulus” that will benefit farmers and ranchers.

“I’m very concerned about the role of the Department of Agriculture in a number of the farm-related issues,” Mr Barrasso said.

“When you have a president who says he wants to bring back jobs, when you have the Secretary of Agriculture saying that there’s no jobs, that the economy is going to suffer because of the policies that are being pushed by the administration, and then when you see the Secretary and his deputy go to a state farm, I’m not talking about a state that has lost money, I mean the federal government is spending money on farm subsidies that are going to benefit a handful of individuals, it’s not a job creator.”

If that’s the case, I want to know why.

I think it’s inappropriate.

“The President has put out a lot of contradictory statements.

He has said, ‘I am a big job creator’ and ‘the farm is my life’.

It seems like he has not put into practice the message he’s been sending for years.”

The president has repeatedly promised to restore jobs to rural America, which has been devastated by job losses.

Mr Barronasso said the White House has been working with farmers and others to try and reverse that trend.

“The White House’s been really clear with the agriculture community that the president is focused on jobs and economic stimulus,” he said.

The agriculture committee oversees the Agriculture and Nutrition bill, which would help provide millions of dollars in federal aid to help small farmers.

Mr Barasso said that when Congress passes the farm bill, “the Agriculture Department will be one of the key elements”.

The farm bill also would boost federal payments to small farmers, but Mr Barracos committee has said that it has been unable to provide an estimate of how much of that assistance would be used for agriculture.

“We’ve seen the Department [of Agriculture] announce a number to farmers and that’s $1,000 per family, and that does not include the value of a tractor, for example,” Mr Barasso told AP.

“In addition, it will be a big boost to the small-scale farm business, but it is also going to hurt the big, well-established, big agribusinesses.”

Mr Barracoses panel has also been critical of a separate bill that would expand the use of the Agricultural Extension Service, which helps farmers grow food to feed millions of Americans.

The bill was introduced by Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont in March and has been the subject of an ongoing debate in the US Senate.

It would make the USDA more active in helping farmers secure financing for their crops, expand crop insurance, expand access to nutrition assistance, and support research and development to help farmers.

“This is the most important agriculture bill in the history of our country,” Senator Bernie Sasse, a Republican, said on a House floor last month.

Mr Sanders has also introduced a measure to ban payments to foreign agribuses that are not US farmers.

Senator Barrasso told the AP that he is concerned that the White’s plan would be detrimental to farmers in rural America.

“There is a real concern that these payments will be going to foreign countries that are, frankly, not US producers,” he told AP on Friday, referring to payments to a number.

Mr Trump’s agriculture secretary, Sonny Perdue, told The Wall Street Journal that the administration would not allow subsidies to go to foreign growers, which he said was the “correct approach”.””

I think it would be a shame to see them go into the farm business in this country.”

Mr Trump’s agriculture secretary, Sonny Perdue, told The Wall Street Journal that the administration would not allow subsidies to go to foreign growers, which he said was the “correct approach”.

“It’s not fair to those who grow food for Americans to be paying for the agricultural activities of foreign countries, because those are the people who produce the food,” he added.

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