Agricultural worker suffers heart attack, heart attack in India

Agricultural worker has suffered a heart attack after contracting the disease called Agarwal-1 in Maharashtra state, the state government said on Friday.

The worker, identified as Arvind, has been admitted to the Gogoi Medical College Hospital, Gogol and District Medical College in Gogori, the government said in a tweet.

The state government has also decided to issue a special medical certificate to the worker, which will enable him to take a blood test.

The Gogolo district is located in the Maharashtra state of Maharashtra.

According to a health official, the worker has been diagnosed with Agarwala-1.

“The patient is currently in the ICU.

We are closely monitoring the situation,” a state government spokesperson said.

In Maharashtra, Agarwat-1, which can cause respiratory depression and cardiac arrest, is one of the most prevalent bacterial infections, according to the Indian Center for Disease Control and Prevention (ICDC).

In 2017, there were 6,865 cases and 10,065 deaths in India, according the Indian Ministry of Health.

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