How to find your perfect farm for the job

Agriculture tractor sales have been booming in the past two years.

Agriculture tractors are becoming a key piece of a modern farm’s workforce.

But with the new crop of soybeans, farmers are looking to the future.

A study published in the journal Science found that soybeans offer farmers more flexibility in how to farm their fields and that soybean farmers are becoming more efficient.

The study analyzed soybean yields, feed efficiency, irrigation, fertilization, and irrigation rates in more than 1,400 acres of soybean fields in Texas and Oklahoma.

It found that farmers who had more than one crop in the field averaged a 2.5-fold increase in their yields.

“We are seeing more of a shift in the way farmers farm, particularly in the corn and soybean varieties,” said Robert Ransom, a professor of agronomy and agronomic engineering at the University of Missouri.

Farmers are starting to plant a higher percentage of soy to get the crop to market faster, which could have an impact on farm incomes.

Ransom and his colleagues analyzed soybeans grown in Texas, Oklahoma, California, and Montana.

They found that the higher the amount of soy grown in the fields, the higher their yields were.

However, the results were not as clear-cut for soybean growers in Oklahoma and California.

In Texas, the researchers found that those farms had average yields of 6.5 percent higher than average for the state, which was the best in the study.

And the average yields were just 2.4 percent higher for the corn-based crops in the state.

For the Oklahoma crop, the average yield was 7.1 percent higher, but the yield for corn was 2.9 percent lower than average.

That said, Oklahoma is home to the nation’s highest concentration of soy farms.

Researchers also found that some farmers are also using a variety of fertilizers to increase yields.

These fertilizers include nitrate-based organic fertilizer, phosphorous-based bio-diesel fertilizers, and chemical-based synthetic nitrogen.

They also found soybean producers had more efficient irrigation, which makes it easier for soybeans to get water out of the fields.

This is part of an occasional series on the science of farming and its impacts on agriculture. “

We need to make sure we are getting the water out in the best manner possible.” 

This is part of an occasional series on the science of farming and its impacts on agriculture. 

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