When farmers’ farm bills pass, California farmers get big subsidies

California farmers were given big subsidies by the state government to help cover farm costs and to help them make ends meet.

Now, farmers are facing another crisis: They may be getting their money back.

The California Farm Bill passed in 2016 gave farmers some of the biggest subsidies in the nation.

The program has since been scaled back by the California legislature, which has said it won’t renew it unless farmers repay the money.

The state is still obligated to pay out $1.5 billion in subsidies to farmers this year.

Some farmers are trying to keep up.

They’re asking the Legislature to repeal the subsidies, which they say have helped them stay in business.

But farmers say it’s unfair for them to receive a subsidy when they can’t produce enough to pay for the crop.

The farmers’ group is calling for an immediate and public investigation into the program.

It is calling on the Legislature and Governor Gavin Newsom to immediately release a full accounting of the farmers’ subsidies, and for California’s top agricultural officials to step in to investigate what’s going on and fix the problem.

The farm bill was meant to help farmers with their farming expenses and other financial issues, but the state legislature has already reduced some of those subsidies and they’re gone now.

The money was supposed to go to farmers, not to the government, the California Farm Bureau said.

Some California farmers say they can no longer pay for their crops.

They say the money was paid for by the taxpayers, not the state, and that the payments have gone out of the state’s coffers.

The farmers are asking the state to return the money and return the subsidies back to the farmers.

State officials say the payments will be returned.

The California Department of Agriculture and Industries said it is working to determine whether or not to return any of the money to the state.

We’ve already received reports that some of these payments were made out to the same people that received the payments in the first place.

We’re going to have to take a look at that.

Governor Newsom has said that he has no intention of doing that, but he could take a step back and see what’s in it for the farmers, he said.

We’ll be taking a closer look, he added.

We also need to make sure that all of the payments are being repaid and that all farmers that were in that situation that we have right now, are able to go back to producing.

California’s farm bill is the biggest farm bill in the country, with $1 trillion in subsidies.

The bill has been the subject of a series of lawsuits.

California Farm Bureau Executive Director David Kupfer said the state has paid out more than $3 billion in farm subsidies since the program started in 1999.

That money was intended to help farm families with expenses, but it has also allowed some farmers to stay in the business.

Kupfer says it’s not fair that some farmers get a subsidy while others cannot afford to produce the crop they need.

He said farmers should have to pay the costs of their crops to the federal government, but instead, the federal farm subsidy program has gone to farmers.

Kupsfer said California’s farm subsidy programs have helped farmers for decades.

We’re not doing that anymore.

The problem is that California is taking away some of their incentives, he told reporters.

The state’s Agriculture Department told reporters it is investigating the payments, but did not provide any additional information.

A spokesman for Newsom did not immediately return a request for comment.

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