How to save the Hawaii crop

Posted September 06, 2018 07:03:37 Hawaii’s farm industry is facing an economic and environmental crisis, with the threat of a massive influx of new pests and pathogens threatening its survival.

The state’s farmers have been struggling for years to cope with a rapid rise in the number of invasive species and the spread of pests that are threatening the viability of the crops.

Farmers have reported more than 40 new pests including the new, deadly species of black locust, red-legged caterpillar and blacklegged fungus that has also killed many crops.

In addition, more than 100 native insects and diseases are now threatening the survival of crops across the state, with farmers worried about a spike in disease and insect pests as the drought continues.

Now, as the state faces an unprecedented threat of an invasion of the pests that threaten its crop industry, farmers are warning that their survival could depend on their ability to tackle the problem head on.

Key points: Farmers are concerned about a surge in disease, insect pests and pests spreading through the farms

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