Why Alabama is not a farming state

Alabama is a farming-oriented state, but that’s not stopping some from complaining about its low agricultural production.

The American Conservative reported this week that many people are complaining about the state’s agricultural production because the state produces less than average in terms of food production per capita.

In addition, Alabama is one of the least populous states in the nation, and it’s been a big issue for President Donald Trump, who campaigned on the idea of making Alabama more agricultural.

In December, the Trump administration signed an executive order aimed at improving agricultural production in the state, and the White House has touted the USDA’s Agricultural Production Efficiency Program as a model for how to increase agricultural production, and for how the federal government can work with states to improve the state.

In March, the Agriculture Department released a report estimating that Alabama has the second-lowest food production of all 50 states.

The USDA found that Alabama produces about 3,600 pounds of food per person per day, compared to the national average of 4,500.

The report also found that the average agricultural acreage in Alabama is about 25 acres, the lowest of any state.

In addition, the report found that more than 10% of Alabama’s farms were in poor condition, compared with 8% nationally.

The report also noted that the state has one of highest rates of poverty and that one in three of the state children are living in poverty.

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