How to use a camera to capture the world’s most iconic landscapes

3 sisters agriculture has just launched a new series of videos which capture the essence of the countryside through the lens of a smartphone camera.

In a new short film called The Three Sisters, the sisters from the dairy farm in the Australian Capital Territory’s Hunter Valley are given the opportunity to capture some of the world at their doorstep.

The sisters are among several Indigenous Australians who have made their mark in the agricultural industry, most notably the photographer and filmmaker, Kim O’Neill.

In The Three Sister, the brothers and sisters work in the field, growing and harvesting crops and livestock in the valley.

While the sisters have a camera in their hands, the main focus of their project is to capture their surroundings and tell their stories through the medium of photographs.

In this short film, the siblings take to the streets and use a lens to capture a landscape that spans across the landscape.

“It’s really a story about growing up in a dairy farm,” Ms O’Neil said.

“They are also the sisters who grew up in rural Australia.

The sisters grew up watching people come and go and they are the farmers who are part of the community.”

In the video, the girls are shown in their front yard, looking out across the fields and seeing people coming and going.

“I was really inspired by the way people walk around, their behaviour, their language, their culture and their sense of place,” Ms Kelly said.

Ms Kelly, who was born and raised in the Hunter Valley, said it was important to show her sisters in their natural habitat and the world they live in.

“The more I went out, I found out about the environment and the people that live there, the more I wanted to document that and show it to them,” Ms Kelley said.

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