This Is Your Money in a Digital Age

Agribusiness companies are increasingly using technology to make it easier to recruit and retain staff, even as they increasingly rely on humans for human labor.

Here are the top 10 jobs that could change in the next decade.


Farming, agribusy, farm, agri-business source ABC News title Why farming is changing, in a decade article Agriculture is growing at an accelerated rate in the U.S. and the world as well as around the world.

That’s putting pressure on rural areas to diversify their agricultural businesses.

But the changing landscape of farming in the past two decades could be putting the U,S.

agriculture industry at risk.

Here’s what that could mean for the jobs that agribustudies rely on. 2.

Farming and ranching, agroworks, agriscience, agronomy, agrarian article Agroworks is a software company that helps farmers manage and grow their agrowashes, or small fields of crops, on a farm.

Agronomy is the science of farming.

This field of crops includes grain and other crops that are not part of a traditional crop rotation.

Agrarian is the art of growing plants, typically for food.


Food processing, food, food processing, agro-tech, agrotechnology, agroupe source ABC Business News title What’s a agroprocessor?

Agro-technologists help farmers and ranchers to produce products that are fresher, more nutritious and safer.

These include processing, storage, packaging and sale of raw materials.

They also help ranchers improve the quality of their feed, feedstocks and feed processing methods.


Meat processing, meat, meat processing, pork source ABC Health article The meat industry employs more than 7.3 million people in the United States, and nearly half of them are workers in the meat processing industry.

Meat processors also supply meat and other products to restaurants, retail stores, health food stores and supermarkets.

Some of these businesses employ thousands of people and use a variety of equipment, including heat-treatment systems, conveyors, cutting presses, cutting tools and refrigeration equipment.

The meat processing sector is the second-largest in the country, and about one-third of meat processors are owned by one or more large businesses.

The industry employs about 6 million people.


Food service, foodservice, restaurant, restaurant source ABC/AP title What is a restaurant?

Restaurant workers are often highly trained, have the highest turnover rates in the restaurant industry, and are often paid a lot of money to do jobs that require an understanding of food science and technology.

This is where the food service industry can make inroads in the future, as technology and knowledge transfer are becoming more widespread.


Retail, retail, wholesale, wholesale source title The new world of retail and wholesale sourcing.

article Retailers such as Amazon, Whole Foods and Walmart have made huge inroads into the grocery industry, where prices have been steadily falling for decades.

And they have made significant inroads with consumers and the wider community through a series of products like the Prime service and the Whole30 program.

This shift has created a whole new marketplace of retail options for consumers, retailers and the broader community.


Health care, health care, medical, healthcare, medical care source article Doctors and hospitals are the second largest employer in the American health care system.

But they have been shifting their focus from primary care to other areas of the healthcare system.

That shift has led to an explosion of medical schools and programs.

Some physicians, especially those who work in primary care, are making the leap to a new field of specialty, in particular, emergency medicine.


Transportation, transportation, transportation source quote “The economy is changing and it is changing in a big way,” said Mark McBride, a partner at KPMG in London, England.

“The number of people who work at a trucking company is not going to grow.

That could change.

But it could change so fast that you’re not going a truck anymore.

That will be a big challenge for people who have to deal with this new reality.”


Health insurance, health, health insurance, coverage, health coverage source source How much is a health insurance policy worth?

How much do you pay out in premiums per year?

Is there a deductible?

What happens if you get sick?

How will you pay for coverage if you lose your job?

Here are some of the key questions you need to ask yourself to better understand what you’re paying for in health insurance coverage.


Transportation and logistics, logistics, shipping, transportation company, freight, logistics source The United States has more than 2.5 million miles of road, 1.3 billion tons of cargo and more than 20 million

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