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What is scope of agriculture as a profession in India?

Agriculture in India is a lucrative and rewarding profession offering great potential for growth. It is the backbone of the country's economy, with more than half of India's population employed in the sector. It is a great opportunity to contribute to the nation's growth and prosperity by providing food, fuel and sustainable livelihoods. Agricultural professionals have access to a wide variety of resources, from land to research and technological advances, enabling them to become successful entrepreneurs and farmers. With the right knowledge, skills and resources, agricultural professionals can create a secure future for themselves and their families. India offers a great scope for agriculture as a profession, with a wide range of job opportunities and career paths.

  • Apr, 25 2023


Why can't we take up agriculture as a profession?

Agriculture is an important profession and yet it is often overlooked due to its arduous nature. The article discusses various reasons why agricultural work is not taken up as a profession, such as lack of knowledge and resources, lack of access to credit and insurance, and the lack of support from the government and other institutions. The article also highlights the importance of investing in agricultural education and agricultural research, as well as providing financial and technical support to farmers, to encourage people to take up agriculture as a profession. In conclusion, the article emphasizes the need to create an environment that is conducive to agricultural development in order to achieve sustainable and equitable economic growth.

  • Mar, 8 2023