When the drought ends, farmers won’t need to wait to start raising corn and soybeans

Farmers in the southeastern United States will no longer have to wait for their corn and beans to start blooming to reap the benefits of a severe drought that has hit agriculture in the past five years.

This year’s crop crop was so good that the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has projected that it will be the first crop in U.N. history to have more than 1 million acres of corn and 1.2 million acres.

While the drought has been severe, it is also a time of opportunity.

A lot of that can be found in the region, with the likes of Kansas and Nebraska both seeing crop yields in excess of the previous year.

The drought is expected to ease in the fall, but it won’t be long before farmers are asking whether the future is as good as the past.

“It is going to be a very different situation,” said Matt Schulz, executive director of the Southern Corn Growers Association.

Farmers have been growing corn and wheat in the state for decades.

But in recent years, they have noticed a rise in corn prices, and farmers are worried that the price will be higher in the coming year.

Farmers are starting to feel the effects of the drought as well.

The average price of corn in the Midwest has dropped 20 percent over the past year.

The price of soybeans has dropped 80 percent, while corn prices have dropped nearly 80 percent.

Farmer Dan Schulz says that the corn price is so low because of the poor harvests of farmers.

“They are just not producing as much as they used to,” Schulz said.

“It was a very good year last year for corn, but the price is going down and people are not really seeing the results.”

“I think we have a very strong harvest, we just don’t have enough corn to feed everybody,” Schul says.

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