How to protect yourself against the ‘fecal contagion’

In a case of what the ABC’s Michelle Young called “a perfect storm of public health, environmental and food safety, there is now a potential ‘fertiliser killer’ that could be lurking in the food chain,” according to ABC Food Network host, Michelle Young.

Read more: In a story that aired on ABC Radio, Young said there was a case study in a Queensland city that involved “a dairy farm”.

She said it was believed that it was one of the factors that led to the spread of the bacteria. “

But the next generation, the next couple of generations, it’s a very, very similar case,” Young said.

She said it was believed that it was one of the factors that led to the spread of the bacteria.

Young said it could also be linked to the use of antibiotics in livestock, which could have caused the disease to spread.

The ABC’s Food Network recently reported on the spread and spread of “feces from livestock” in Melbourne.

It also featured a case in Sydney, where a woman developed pneumonia and died after a friend ate her food, but the food was not contaminated.

More stories from the ABC: “I just hope this isn’t a case where it becomes a public health issue and we have to look at antibiotics as a preventative measure,” Young told ABC News Breakfast.

What is a fecal contagio?

The bacteria can cause diarrhoea, vomiting, fever and cough.

If you or anyone you know is at risk, contact the nearest emergency department or emergency room.


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